Bushvalley School Council         

Bushvalley School Council was first formed in January 2011.  The School Council since then have formed a very important role in the everyday school life at Bushvalley.

Each year the children create manifestos and vote for class representatives from P1 - P7 to form the School Council.  Throughout the year the School Councillors encourage their classmates to bring suggestions about a range of issues to the meetings.

The School Council meets fortnightly to discuss issues that they would like to change or improve at Bushvalley.         

Bushvalley School Council 2017/18


Chairperson:  Joe Lynas  
Vice-Chairperson:  Reece Millar  
Secretary:  Emily Sayers  
Treasurer:  Kara Wasson  
 Primary 2 Class Representatives: Alex Lamont & Eva Boreland  
 Primary 3 Class Representatives: Tom McDowell & Allana Foster  
 Primary 4 Class Representatives: Saul Baird & Evie Blair  
 Primary 5 Class Representatives: Cooper Rankin & Alex Leighton  
 Primary 6 Class Representatives: Reece Millar & Kara Wasson  
 Primary 7 Class Representatives: Joe Lynas & Emily Sayers  

Playground Buddies

Initially started in September 2014, a group of children are selected to be 'Playground Buddies'. They wear bright yellow badges and have very important jobs to do at both break and lunch times. 
They like to, support children who are new to our school and help look after children in our playground.

School Librarians

Bushvalley School Librarians are charged with the important responsibility of ensuring that our central library is kept tidy and in order as well as promoting and modelling appropriate use of the area to younger children.