Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

On Friday 27th April 2018, fifteen children from Primary 3 to Primary 6 travelled to Dunclug College in Ballymena to receive training in becoming               Anti-Bullying Ambassadors for Bushvalley. This was a fantastic day with lots of engaging and interactive activities for the children. Mrs Irwin and Mrs Bartlett also received training in becoming Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. 

Special Mention: Congratulations to Rachael Hill who was presented with,  ‘Anti-Bullying Ambassador of the Day’ at the training. Rachael was one of two children selected out of the 150 children who attended - Fantastic Rachael.  Congratulations also to Abbie Buckingham who was voted as our Ambassador Team Leader. Well Done Abbie


Primary 4: Miley-Rose McCook, Alana Foster, Jacob McFarlane

Primary 5: Ameria Catterson, Evie Blair, Katie Boyd & Matthew Moore

Primary 6: Ellen Ramage, Eve Lynas, Seth Cordner & Cooper Rankin

Primary 7: Abbie Buckingham, Rachael Hill & Bailey Calvin 

We Celebrated Anti-Bullying Week by having an Odd Sock Day on              Monady 12th November 2018