Welcome to Primary 2

Class Teacher: Miss L Smyrell - Mrs C Johnston (Maternity Leave)

Classroom Assistant: Mrs A McElheran 

Miss L Smyrell                         Mrs C Johnston (Maternity Leave)           Mrs A McElheran                              

Our first term in Primary 2 has been so much fun already! 


This year, in World Around Us our first topic is all about houses and homes. What a brilliant way to get to know all about our local area! We even managed to venture down to Stranocum to explore what different houses, homes, shops and businesses are in our local surroundings. James Chesnutt, the owner of Chestnut Animal Feeds met us along our journey and told us all about the Mill and its history. 


We have also: 

  • Made bird nest buns.
  • Built a house for the 3 Little Pigs. 
  • Painted pictures of our house. 
  • Interacted with the 'My Play Home' iPad game.
  • Built a Marshmallow House. 
  • Wrote sentences about where we live. 
  • Researched and role played houses all over the world. 


In Year 2, we love to pull the welly boots on and take our learning outdoors. We particularly enjoy Welly Wednesday where we spend all day learning in nature. We have enjoyed building our own bug hotels, birds nests and even digging in dirt as we search for worms.

We have also:

  • Made natural clocks and told o'clock time. 
  • Went on a number hunt. 
  • Used natural mateirals to make our sounds. 
  • Went on a shape hunt. 
  • Counted sticks, twigs and leaves.
  • Built a den. 
  • Made animals using natural mateirals. 


In Literacy we have been revising all of our sounds from Primary 1 and also learning some new digraphs. The children have been learning that a digraph is two letters that makes the one sound. 

We are also enjoying our Shared Reading time together and have been learning all about The Three Little Pigs Architctural Tale, Iggy Peck the Architect, In Every House On Every Street and A Place Called Home. 


In Numeracy we have been learning all about the numbers 10-16. We love to practice our numbers using a vareity of engaging activites. This helps us to remember to form our numbers correctly and count a set of items carefully. 

We have been: 

  • Writing our numbers in sand, shaving foam and mud. 
  • Collecting sets of different objects around our school. 
  • Learning about our numbers through iPad games. 
  • Writing our numbers using chalk on the school playground 
  • Counting using lots of different actions. 

We have been also learning how to tell o'clock time, name and recognise the properties of 2D shapes and measure the length of items using non-standard units. 


Take a look at the pictures below to see what we have been getting up to so far in Primary 2. Look at how much fun we are having playing, learning and laughing together!