Welcome to Primary 3

Class Teacher: Miss K McCook (Mon & Tues) & Mrs L McLaughlin (Wed-Fri)

Classroom Assistant: Ms J Brolley


Mrs L McLaughlin             Miss K McCook                     Miss J Brolly                                                 

Term 1

We have been having so much fun during our first term of Primary 3! Please take a look at our page to find out some more about all of the wonderful things we have been getting up to!


World Around Us 

This year, our first World Around Us topic is ‘Whatever the Weather’. We have been learning all about the weather by taking part in lots of fun and engaging activities! So far this term we have:

  • Made a raincloud in a jar
  • Learned all about why we need the sun
  • Went cloud spotting
  • Went on an Autumn walk
  • Made our own weather songs
  • Researched different weather symbols and learned all about the weather forecast
  • Role-Played in weather stations and travel agents



This term we have been learning all about what makes a Super Sentence! We have been learning how we can use COPS to make our writing the best that it can be. Our focus this term has been on recount writing, where we are able to write all about our weekends.



We love Shared Reading time in Primary 3. We have been loving hearing all about different weather stories including Seren’s Seasons, The Runaway Iceberg, Little Acorns and Don’t Hog the Hedge!


Language & Grammar

In Language & Grammar we have been revising all of our knowledge from Primary 2. We have been busy doing lots of work on capital letters, alphabetical order and question marks.



We love learning our new sound every week. We spent some time revising our digraphs from Primary 2 before moving on to learn some brand new ones.



We have been very busy learning all about addition and subtraction within 20 so far this term. We love to practise our addition and subtraction skills using a range of fun activities. These include:

  • Showing addition sums with pegs and hangers
  • Using counters and Ten Frames
  • Multi-link cubes & Numicon
  • Interactive games such as Hit The Button on TopMarks
  • Number movement breaks with Jack Hartmann
  • Using number fans to answer questions
  • Addition and Subtraction games
  • Class loop card games

We have also been enjoying taking part in lots of practical activities whilst learning about 2D Shape, Time and Pictograms.


Have a look at the pictures below to see how much fun we have been having together!