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Kids Zone
Kids this is your page! Why not play some games to practise your Literacy or Numeracy skills or if you want just have some fun!
Please remember our school rules whilst on the internet....
Have you told your parents that you are using the internet?
Do not click on any advertisements or pop-ups
Inform your parents about anything that may worry you or anything that you think is wrong
Always check with an adult before you download anything onto the computer
Please note from time to time links to other websites can ‘go down’. If this happens wait and try later. If the link still appears to be down then please report the broken link to Miss L Bartlett (ICT Co-ordinator).
And Remember HAVE FUN!! 

Pupil SDP Questionnaire - June 2022



CBBC                             Cbeebies                                  Lee and Kim Ages 5-8


NASA KIDS CLUB                                      Fun with Spot



Lego Games                                               Kids Planet


Internet Safety Games



Smartie the Penguin               Hectors World Ages 5-7




Digiduck                                 KidSmart Safety                                                  

(Internet Safety KS1)  


Literacy Games           


Topmarks                                                   KS2 BBC Bitesize




KS1 BBC Bitesize                                      Woodlands                                    


Numeracy Games


KS1 BBC Bitesize                                               KS2 BBC Bitesize



Cool Maths Games                         Numeracy Dictionary for Kids



Ancient Egypt