Welcome to Primary 1

Class Teacher: Miss C Stinson

Classroom Assistant: Mrs E McCooke

SEN Classroom Assistant: Mrs R McConaghy

      Miss C Stinson                  Mrs E McCooke                            Mrs R McConaghy                         


Welcome to P1!

We have had a wonderful first term in Primary 1! The children have been working really hard and are having so much fun, learning together.

We are so excited that Term 2 has started, and we can’t wait to keep learning and growing together in Primary 1. We thrive on experiencing learning adventures both inside and outside the classroom and love having opportunities to explore, investigate and design. Being in Primary 1 is such a fun and exciting adventure!

Take a closer look at all the fun things we have already been up to in Primary 1!



Jolly Phonics

In Jolly Phonics, we have started to learn our sounds and how to write letters correctly. We have been using lots of different task-time activities to help us learn.

We have enjoyed:

  • Cookie writing.
  • Letter formation using the iPads and Sphero Bolt’s.
  • Phonics games.
  • Writing in sand.
  • Making letters using play dough.
  • Writing letters on small whiteboards and using the whiteboard on our Promethean boards.
  • Letter hunt activities using magnetic letters.

Have a look at some photos of us in action!

Shared Reading

In Primary 1, we look forward to our Shared Reading time each week. We have been exploring stories such as ‘Shark in the Park’ ‘Handa’s Surprise’ ‘I want my Mum!’ and ‘Stick Man.’

Our favourite Shared Reading activity was when we made fruit kebabs after reading the story ‘Handa’s Surprise.’ We talked about different types of fruit that we like and don’t like and why fruit is healthy for our bodies. Miss Stinson even allowed us to eat our fruit kebabs – they were yummy!


In Numeracy, we have been learning the numbers 1-6. We love meeting each Number Block, singing songs and learning different rhymes to help us form our numbers correctly. We always look forward to our Numeracy task-time activities, where we:

  • Write numbers on whiteboards
  • Make number cube towers
  • Play number board games
  • Play ICT number games
  • Use the sphero bolt to practise our number formation skills
  • Have number hunts using our magnetic numbers.

Have a closer look at our Numeracy work!

Play-Based Learning

We love Play-Based Learning in Primary 1! We have the opportunity to explore, investigate and design, to name but a few!

In Term 1, our classroom transformed into a house, a doctor’s surgery, a dentist surgery, a baby clinic and Santa’s workshop!

Have a look at us enjoying our Play-Based Learning activities…


Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is a very important part of life in Primary 1. We love learning and exploring outdoors – especially when we get our wellies really muddy and wet!

Enjoy watching us having lots of fun during outdoor play!