Welcome to Primary 4

Class Teacher: Mrs E Bartlett (Mon-Wed) & Miss K McCook (Thurs & Fri)

SEN Classroom Assistant: Miss C Horner - Mrs V Eakin (Maternity Leave) 

   Mrs E Bartlett              Miss K McCook        Mrs V Eakin (Maternity Leave)  Miss C Horner         

Welcome to our page!

This year we have 23 pupils in our class.  We've been very busy, engaging in lots of activities.

Please take a look at what we've been up to on the slide show below.


Within Literacy we have been learning all about letter writing.  We've read lots of different types of letters and looked at their key features.  We now know how to present a letter and have started to draft our own letters.  We will write letters to The Twits and Santa by the end of Term One. 


Language and Grammar

We have been revising our sentence writing skills by focusing on the use of basic punctuation and applying our COPS strategy to proofread our work.

The topics we have been learning about so far:

-Verbs, Nouns (common/proper), Adjectives

-Pronouns, Adverbs

-Speech Marks, Exclamation Marks, Question Marks, Commas in Lists.



This term we have begun to use the Accelerated Reader program.  This has been very exciting as we get to choose books from the school library which are suited to our individual reading abilities. 

We also complete reading task time each morning where we read within our Guided Reading groups.  

Our class novel is The Twits and we thoroughly enjoy listening to the antics or both Mr and Mrs Twit.  We then complete drama activities such as role play, hot seating, freeze frame and mime.

World Around Us

This term our topic is 'Me, Me, Me'. 

We first looked at our family groups and created a family tree.  We have interviewed relatives about life when they were younger, we have watched video clips and made comparisons with school life now to that of the past.

We all agreed that we would prefer the colourful classrooms we have nowadays!

We have completed lots of tasks linked to the human body and  skeleton.  We have found out lots of interesting facts about the function of our main organs and bones.  

We know all about our five senses and are learning about the story of Louis Braille and his famous work.  We understand the function of the eye and can name the main parts.

As part of our topic we are looking at ways of keeping healthy.  We will be discussing dental hygiene and designing healthy eating plates.



We have been revising our knowledge of numbers up to 100 through completing lots of practical and written tasks.  Within this term we also revise addition and subtraction within 100.

We loved working practically to complete the following areas:

-2D shape


-Bar Charts

-Tally Charts



We have looked for shapes and symmetrical patterns in our school environment both outdoors and indoors.  We have created human bar charts and created interactive clocks within our outdoor area which was great fun


Mental Maths/Number Facts

We complete a Number Facts focus each week and this helps us to revise basic number skills and support the quick recall of facts.

Within class we play a range of mental maths games such as:

Loop card games (we use a class timer and find this lots of fun!)

Hit the button

Number Buddies

Daily 10

Guess my number

Bingo facts



Activity Based Learning

We complete Activity Based Learning sessions each week.  These sessions allow us to be:


-problem solvers





-ICT whizz kids


We complete tasks in rotation groups and all tasks are linked to our classroom topic work.