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Co. Antrim
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Bushvalley Primary School

"Our future depends on building upon the experiences of the past, learning from the present and preparing for the challenges of the future"

Welcome to Primary 4

Class Teacher: Mrs. E. Bartlett (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday) & Miss C Stinson (Thursday & Friday)

Classroom Assistant: Mrs. N. Johnsoton

This year we have 29 children in our class.

Please have a look at our Term 1 topics below!


Within World Around us this term we are learning all about the body.  The children will look at the human skeleton and find out about the main body organs.

We will also explore our five senses with special focus on our sense of sight.  We will learn all about Louis Braille and his amazing work!

Primary 4 will complete some experiments this term linked to teeth and healthy eating.  We will create a healthy food plate and be able to talk about the main

food groups needed to create a balanced diet.


Number: Revise place value to 99, revision of addition and subtraction to 100.  Place value to 1000, number properties, rounding and estimating.

Shape and Space: Exploration of 2D and 3D shapes, symmetrical patterns and designs.

Measures: Time to the quarter hour on both analogue and digital clocks, measuring length in cm and m.

Handling Data: Bar and Tally Charts


Our writing focus this term is non-chronological reports.  The children will research information and create a fact file on a chosen body part or organ.  This will

then be used to form a non-chronological report which the children will then use to create a PowerPoint presentation to present to the class.


Within language and grammar we will look at the different types of nouns found in our writing, we will revise alphabetical order and complete dictionary tasks.  Different types of

punctuation such as speech marks, question marks, exclamation marks and apostrophes will be discussed.


Make sure you continue to read through the Accelerated Reader scheme and gain your points in order to meet your Term 1 target!



Remember to log on to these resources regularly to build up points!