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Bushvalley Primary School

"Our future depends on building upon the experiences of the past, learning from the present and preparing for the challenges of the future"

The Curriculum at Bushvalley

We aim to provide all children with the widest possible range of curriculum experiences. We keep up to date with educational change and adjust our teaching methods to keep in line with the demands of the Northern Ireland Curriculum.

Polices have been written for all major areas of the curriculum and are constantly reviewed and evaluated by the staff and governors.

Schemes of work have been prepared for each year group ensuring the correct balance of subjects. Children in P.1 to P. 7 are taught Literacy, Numeracy, ICT. The World Around Us, Personal Development and Mutual Understanding (PDMU), PE, Music, Art & R.E.

Foundation Stage Curriculum

In Primary 1 and Primary 2 the children enjoy learning through an enriched curriculum centred on a play based learning approach. The children also enjoy a wide range of outdoor play opportunities through our outdoor play equipment                                           

Language & Literacy

At Bushvalley we value the importance of giving children a range of reading opportunities. Storysacks are available for Foundation Stage, which can be taken and shared at home.

Foundation and Key Stage One are taught phonics through a synthetic phonics programme which is carefully progressed from each class from P1 – P4.
The children are given the opportunity to develop their reading skills across a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books which are colour banded. Our reading schemes include Oxford Reading Tree, Ginn, Rigby Star and Big Cat Phonics

Children at Bushvalley also have the opportunity to extend their reading skills through our Accelerated Reading Programme. To find out more check out the Accelerated Reader website below.


Physical Education

All Pupils have two sessions of P.E each week.   Appropriate footwear must be worn for P.E e.g. jogging bottoms and trainers / PE slippers

P5 to P7 go swimming every week at the Joey Dunlop Leisure Centre. Primary 6 go swimming in Term 1, Primary 7 in Term 2 and Primary 5 in Term 3.     At the end of each block of lessons, the children are tested and given distance and life saving certificates according to their performance.                                                  

Religious Education

We have an assembly taken on a Wednesday morning monthly by the Rev Jones and the Rev Crowe. On the other weeks our assembly is on a Tuesday afternoon, where each class take it in turns to lead an assembly.

Each class follows a programme of religious education. This encourages Christian morals and values. RE is non – denominational                                            


Music is taught to all classes and includes singing and the use of percussion instruments.  Children from P4 – P7, learn to play the recorder.

Music tuition is also available to all children from P2 upwards. Tuition is provided by members of EA Music Service. 

We also offer private piano, drum, guitar, singing and drama lessons

Assessments & Reports

Continual assessment by teachers takes place throughout the year.
All children are tested formally at the end of P4 and at the end of P7 in English, Maths and ICT.  The results of these will be included in your child's report.  

Parents are invited to meet with teachers to discuss their child’s progress in October and February.   

Please note that parents of children on the Special Needs Register will be invited more regularly to meet teachers to discuss targets and progress, but all parents are welcome to meet with staff at any time throughout the year to discuss their child’s progress                               


A little formal homework is required at P1-P2 levels.  It is most helpful if parents hear children read regularly and complete the tasks with their child.  

From Primary 3, children will have spellings and tables to learn, increasing in volume, with age, up to Primary 7. Written homework's will be set for on a Monday to be returned on a Friday. Please ensure that the work is neatly presented. Depending on the maturity of your child, he/she should be allowed to do as much as possible with the minimum of supervision. However, parents are encouraged to work with their children explaining points and praising effort. We would encourage parents to check their child's homework.

Educational Visits

These are viewed as a vital part of a child’s educational and social development and all children are encouraged to take part in educational visits throughout the year. The visits range from half-day and day visits for the younger children, to a duration of three days for the senior classes. Primary 6 and 7 have enjoyed trips to Manchester, Newcastle and Glasgow where they have had fun at Old Trafford, Alton Towers, Museums and other places of interest. The consent of parents is always obtained before children are taken out of school.                                

Policies related to the Teaching and Learning at Bushvalley can be found within the 'Policies' section.

Children's Mental Health

At Bushvalley Primary School we recognise the importance of Children's Mental Health and Well-being, especially as we recover from the Global Covid-19 Pandemic.                    Children's Mental Heath and Well-being is addressed frequently through workshops, curriculum activities and trained professional counsellors.  

Children's Mental Health Week

To mark 'Children's Mental Health Week' our pupils took part in a fun range of acitvities throughout the week. Watch our video below to see what we all got up to.

World Book Day - March 2022

We had a great week celebrating the 25th Anniversary of World Book Day. 

Have a look at some of of our Prize-winning Costumes - Well Done to everyone for making such an effort!

Bushvalley Celebrate World Maths Day - 24th March 2022

We had a great day celebrating World Maths Day on Wednesday 24th March.  The children enjoyed coming to school wearing a number.  Have a look at some of the fun number and problem solving activities we got up to!

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