175 Ballinlea Road
Co. Antrim
BT53 8PR


Bushvalley Primary School

"Our future depends on building upon the experiences of the past, learning from the present and preparing for the challenges of the future"

Bushvalley Primary School Staff

Bushvalley Primary School has a teaching staff consisting of a Teacing Principal, 5 full-time teachers, 2 part-time teachers and 5 classroom assistants. 

Meet the Staff of Bushvalley

Principal: Mrs. C. Irwin

Teaching Staff

Primary 1: Mrs. H .Hutchinson & Mrs. H-A. Russell (Mrs Russell on a Friday)

Primary 2: Mrs. L. Creelman

Primary 3: Miss. S. Swanson 

Primary 4: Mrs. E. Bartlett (Miss. K. Carson covering Mrs. E. Bartlett maternity leave)

Primary 5/6: Mrs C. Irwin & Mrs. L. Christie (Mrs Christie on a Thursday and Friday)

Primary 6/7: Miss. L. Bartlett                                   


Classroom Assistants

Primary 1: Mrs. E. McCooke 

Primary 2: Mrs.A.McElheran & Miss. V. Wilson

Primary 3: Miss. A. McCooke

Primary 4: Mrs. V. Hanna

Primary 5/6: Mrs. R. Ramsay & Miss. V. Wilson

Primary 6/7: Mrs. R. Ramsay


School Secretary: Mrs. J. Bartlett

Caretakers: Mrs. V. Hanna & Mrs. R. McMullan

Lunchtime Duty Staff: Mrs. A. McCooke

Kitchen Staff: Mrs. D. McPhee, Mrs. C. McFadden & Mrs. C. Patton