Bushvalley Primary School Staff

Bushvalley Primary School has a teaching staff consisting of the Principal, 4 full-time teachers, 2 part-time teachers and 5 classroom assistants. 

Meet the Staff of Bushvalley


Primary 1: Mrs.H.Hutchinson & Mrs. S. Laverty (Mrs Laverty on a Thursday and Friday)

Primary 2: Mrs. L. Creelman

Primary 3: Mr.M.Creelman 

Primary 4/5: Mrs.E.Bartlett 

Primary 5/6: Mrs C.Irwin 

Primary 7: Mrs.V.Wylie & Miss. L. Bartlett                                    (Miss Bartlett Principal relief on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)



Primary 1: Mrs.E.McCooke 

Primary 2: Mrs.A.McElheran

Primary 3: Mrs.V.Hanna

Primary 4/5: Mrs.R.Ramsay

Primary 7: Miss.V.Wilson


School Secretary: Mrs. J. Bartlett

Caretakers: Mrs. V. Hanna & Mrs. R. McMullan

Lunchtime Duty Staff: Mrs. A. McCooke

Kitchen Staff: Mrs. D. McAfee, Mrs. C. McFadden & Mrs. C. Patton

Meet our Classroom Assistants and Other Staff