What is Shared Education?
'Shared Education involves the sustained provision of opportunities for children and young people from different communities and backgrounds to learn together both in and out of school.’   DENI 2016

It enables children from different sectors to join together for curriculum based collaboration- for example to study a specific subject through a shared class, or to undertake a project
It aims to promote reconciliation through building relationships and sharing a variety of learning experiences

Our Partnership
Through the PEACE IV Programme, Bushvalley Primary School have found two partner schools, St Patrick's Primary School, Glenariff and St Ciaran's Primary School, Cushendun.
Our Primary 5 year group will enjoy 6 full days of learning alongside children from our partner schools. Activities will be based on the theme of ‘Eat well, Feel Good, Keep Active,’ and will comprise of a range of activities whilst developing iPad skills.

The dates for the project are as follows:
Icebreaker day at St Patrick's Primary - 9th November
7th February
21st March                                                                                                                        10th April 
17th May - Celebration Day                                                                                                     6th June - Fun Day 

Throughout the project the children will have the opportunity to both travel to our partner schools and remain at Bushvalley, undertaking activities alongside their new friends.

Day 1: Ice Breaker Day - St Patrick's Primary School - 9th November 2018

On Friday 9th November we had our first day of our new Shared Education Programme at St Patrick's in Glenariff. The Primary 5 children had a fun day alongside other Primary 5 children from St Ciaran's in Cushendun and St Patrick's. The children enjoyed a range of ice breaker games, a beach scavenger hunt and outdoor play. A great day was had by all! Well Done Primary 5!


Day 2: Bushvalley Primary School - 12th February 2019

On Thursday 12th February Bushvalley was delighted to welcome pupils from St Patrick’s and St Ciaran’s to our school for our second Shared Education Day. This was a fantastic day, where the children began work on our project aim, which is to develop the use of iPads through WAU.
Mrs Irwin, Mrs McConnell (St Ciaran’s) and Mr Dinsmore (St Patrick’s) together planned an action packed day around the topic of, ‘Eat Well, Keep Active, Feel Well’. Mrs Irwin covered ‘Eat Well’, which involved exploring healthy eating by making fruit kebabs and learning about the eat-well plate. Mr Dinsmore explored ‘Keep Active’, which involved the children making videos of being active on their bicycles and exploring the importance of exercise. Lastly, Mrs McConnell worked with her group to explore how to look after our well-being and they enjoyed making mood shakers. The children all worked together to then showcase their work on the iPads using an app called Pages - Well Done to all involved! 

Have a look at the pictures below of the children having great fun!